At Stratford City Cars we enjoy a great working relationship with Autocab, one of the world’s largest transportation technology providers. Our continual investment in cutting edge technology has become the cornerstone of our on-going success.

With new innovations, such as the Ghost Booking and Dispatch Software from Autocab, which is the most comprehensive Booking & Dispatch System available in today’s market place.

This software from Autocab is the result of over twenty years research and development from within the Private Hire and Taxi Industry. It is the latest and most advanced software designed using cutting edge technology to improve both work flow and business efficiency.

GPS Tracking

Each Stratford City vehicle is fitted with a GPS enabled mobile data unit. Drivers receive details of their job bookings on this mobile unit, including the name, telephone number, pick up and drop destinations of the passenger. Each drivers exact movement, location and actions are updated live onto our system whereby our controllers can then monitor the progress of multiple bookings/multiple drivers in real time.

SMS Text Messages

We send each of our customers a SMS text message informing them when their vehicle has arrived at their pick up location. The text message includes the vehicles registration, make and model, so that the customer can identify their vehicle, safe in the knowledge that they are boarding the correct pre-booked vehicle.

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

  • Automated booking service which automatically and records your information.
  • Allows you to book a vehicle from your telephone keypad.
  • Fast, efficient and easy to use.

We are proud to announce that we are the first and only Private Company within East London to introduce a automated booking system also known as IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition).

The introduction of Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) offers an efficient and speedier method of booking simple everyday journeys. Whether it is for the transport of passengers or goods, our IVR system ensures that our customers are serviced quickly, efficiently and professionally at all times.


  • Customers can directly book a Mini Cab / Airport Transfer and pay online.
  • Customers can also track their car with GPS.
  • Simply click a few buttons and we’ll take care of your booking.                                                             

Ring Back

  • Driver simply activates a button on his data terminal when they are outside thier pick up location.
  • This system will automatically telephone the customers telephone twice, informing them that their vehicle has arrived.
  • Reduces waiting time for both driver and customer.